Why are people going into the digital business field?

E-shops are popular because they offer a convenient way for customers to buy products in an easy and fast way. Customers can browse through all their favorite items at any time of day, which is not possible with brick-and-mortar stores. Many experts in the field turn into Shopify partner. Why is it the case? What are the attractive points of Shopify that motivates people to throw themselves into the trend?

Shopify: Platform background

To uncover the secret of Shopify’s popularity in the global market, we got to know more about it first. Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company that provides an online service for businesses to set up their own online store. It was founded by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake in 2004 and was launched in 2006. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as SHOP and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify’s main product offering is Shopify Plus, an enterprise version of its platform that includes features designed specifically for larger retail and wholesale businesses.

Is it for the global market or local market?

Indeed, it is for global users. However, it also has a certain level of local responsiveness, such as different available payment gateways for Shopify platform in different areas. To be specific, Shopify Hong Kong has included Alipay into the payment choices, while in other areas, it might not be considered as it is not popular enough in those regions. It is important to have awareness towards localization, even if the business is supposed to be targeting the global market. It helps businesses to fulfill needs of local customers better and increase the value that customers perceive the business carries.

Website Design: The simpler, the better?

It is always said that the UI is recommended to be simple and neat. I would say, yes, it is true when you are trying to filter out excessive information from your site. But it is never always true when it comes to the artificial level. Shopify web design offers simplicity, which is brought by the default theme provided in the templates, while it also enables users to make advanced changes to the website design with CSS and HTML skills. When it comes to the customization part of the website development, those with professional skills could differentiate themselves from other template users, making the business more recognizable and competitive with more brand-specific elements online. Leaving a strong impression on customers’ minds is always important. Website design is always playing an important role in such a process.

Marketing features: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct way to connect with customers and prospects. It allows you to create personalized messages that are delivered directly to inboxes. The messages can be in the form of newsletters, promotions, or other content, and they can be triggered by a customer’s purchase or browsing history. This method of marketing has been around for decades, but it has become more popular recently because of the trend toward mobile devices and apps. This trend has made it easier for marketers to send out their messages through email campaigns. Platforms also enable such features to help e-shop owners to better seize the opportunity and retain churning customers. Shopify Email Marketing makes good use of the email list collected when the customers enter their personal information during the membership registration process on the website. With simple clicks, the drafted emails could be sent to the recipient list, saving much time and effort for the owners.

Must-know for online business: Search Engine Optimization

With the increasing use of search engines, such as Google and Baidu, SEO has become an essential part for every business as it drives lots of traffic to the site. It is not a short-term strategy but requires patience and perseverance. It requires constant monitoring and updating as well as new strategies that can be implemented when old ones stop working. However, it is worth it as it brings the right audience to the right landing pages as they are searching for relevant things. Business value that it carries is enormous and should never be omitted. Shopify SEO functions are basic, but sufficient for most businesses. It also allows users to install plugins in case more advanced features are needed.

With the features mentioned above, Shopify has become one of the most popular global e-commerce platforms. No one could ever imagine that online business could be as common until the appearance of similar platforms. Are you smart enough to catch the trend and opportunity?


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