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Half-time operation in Galatasaray accelerated. At the beginning of the season, the yellow-reds, who turn towards free and bright Turkish players, will continue this move in January. The first target is Salih Uçan from Alanyaspor. Salih, who could not show himself in Fenerbahçe and Rome and could not find what he was looking for in the adventures of Sion and Empoli, was almost reborn in Alanyaspor. Because of this performance, the 26-year-old player, who is the favorite name of the transfer, made his choice.

Salih Uçan, whose contract will expire, decided not to extend the contract with Alanyaspor. The choice of Salih, which Beşiktaş also wanted, was Galatasaray. The Fatih Terim factor and the possibility of finding a more comfortable place in the midfield rotation were effective in the decision of the successful football player. Terim wants this transfer to take place at half-time to relieve Taylan in the midfield. The management also ventured to offer a small amount of testimonial to Alanya. Young players can also be traded.


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Despite having difficulties in the first half against Ankaragücü on the road in the 14th week of the Super League, Beşiktaş, which won 1-0 from the field with the goal of Vida in the second half, has achieved a great breakthrough in the last 6 weeks. In a sense, he had entered a very difficult series in which his destiny would be drawn. In the series that started with Medipol Başakşehir; Having won 5 wins and 1 defeat, Sergen Yalçın’s students won 1.5 times the 10 points he got in the first 8 weeks in 6 matches and rose from 12th to 4th place with 25 points.

Leader Aytemiz Alanyaspor and 3rd According to Fenerbahçe, the black-and-whites, who are missing 1 match, are in a sense the secret leader of the league with Galatasaray. Ghezzal was able to dispel doubts about his 9 games and become one of the high quality players of the team. Ghezzal, who had a performance of 8 goals and 8 assists, could not achieve the success he wanted as soon as he did. The Algerian football player, who spent the last three seasons in Monaco, Leicester City and Fiorentina, was able to make only 4 assists in 64 league games in these three teams. Ghezzal, who was hired from Leicester City on the last day of the transfer, reached the top of the kingdom with 5 assists in 9 matches he played in Beşiktaş and became one of the most trusted players of both Sergen Yalçın and the fans.

The number of assists he has made in 64 matches in the last three seasons, Ghezzal, who played in 9 matches in Beşiktaş, is seriously considered, if he continues his performance in this way, it will be one of the high-quality agenda items of the second half of the league.

Ghezzal gave his last two assists to Vida.


VAR and Halis Özkahya response from Sergen Yalçın