4 main reasons why you should use Data Centers Backup


As data becomes more important in today’s businesses, promoting effective data center backup strategies have become a major concern for organizations of all sizes. Although companies used to store all the important data in their computers, they are increasingly turning to data centers services that provide data center backup and recovery solutions. Below are the 4 main reasons why companies should shift to backup important data to data center Hong Kong / data center asia pacific.

1.     Hard Drive Failure

Many organizations including small businesses understand the importance of storing data, they know data center services  is one of the options to store data, but surprisingly some companies still insist on using the traditional method by storing the data on external hard disk. Without the support of data center backup and recovery solutions, it is difficult for managing and poses the risk of data loss. Even if the data is stored in HDD mechanical devices or new blockchain storage (區塊鏈應用) devices, the risk of data loss due to mechanical failure or accident is high, which indicate the importance of outsourced data center backup service. In the United States, approximately 140,000 hard disks fail every week which shows that hard drive failure happens often, and outsourced data center service is an alternative.

In addition, hard drives usually do not store copies in real-time, resulting in incomplete data without data center backup and recovery solutions. Data center Hong Kong can store data instantly in a cloud computing environment, this ensure data is always available even if hardware failures with data center services. Companies no longer have to store data in hard drive nor blockchain(區塊鏈應用).

2. Natural disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, people usually think of the threat of physical harm. Floods and winds can damage offices or disrupt warehouse equipment. Without data backup from the tier iii+ data center, all data may be lost. Part of the harm from natural disasters is the high cost of rebuilding key business infrastructure, but data loss is the biggest long-term threat to a company. This shows the importance of data center Hong Kong which provides data center backup and recovery solutions. Without data center backup, when a natural disaster destroys part of its IT infrastructure, a company can lose important business data forever. Building an office only takes time and money, but it is impossible to re-build a well-constructed client database over the year. This might cause a huge loss to a firm. By deploying data center Hong Kong/ data centers asia pacific, companies can prevent data loss with the help of data center backup and recovery.

3. Human Errors

Considering a typical company, even it has a managed IT security system with the professional security service provider, there is usually no way to prevent staff from accidentally deleting important documents. Data loss by human errors may result in huge financial loss.

Even the safest office cannot compare the physical security measures of data center services. The data center Asia pacific has multiple security layers, dual authentication, and biometric technology, and lists with access restrictions provide the highest level of physical managed IT security that a company may require. This ensures that even in the unlikely event, that important data comes from the front door of the office, there is always a safe data center backup and recovery solutions behind the walls of a secure data center Hong Kong.

4. Cyberattacks

In recent years, cyberattacks have become more and more sophisticated. Once the data is encrypted, the hacker will contact the victim and unlock it in exchange for cash payments. Companies may not be able to get their data back without paying a huge sum or making a deal with hackers. However, there is also a chance of hackers deleting the data if the deal calls off. Without data center backup, company data may be all gone and the company may be forced to shut down.

Maintaining a separate data center backup in a secure data center in Asia pacific environment ensures that the company can still access and keep the business running, even if their main system becomes a victim of cyberattacks. In recent years, as these attacks have become more ambitious, organizations of all sizes need to focus on copy storage strategies to minimize their impact with higher managed IT security.


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